Make Up For Ever Step 1 Skin Equalizer – Review

Make_up_for_Ever_Skin_EqualizersIf you’ve been following my blog or Facebook Page you’ll know that my biggest focus is always the skin. Makeup and skincare go hand in hand because most of us who wear makeup do so, to achieve the appearance of a more flawless face as well as to amp up our eyes, sculpt those cheeks, arch those brows, plump those lips (you get the picture). But even if you’re more like me, a working mommy busy with life who usually only has time for a 5 to 10-minute face -um, how much easier would it be to create a more flawless face with LESS makeup on, with these primers?… Click here to read more

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Make Up For Ever – my mini haul

To say thanks to those of you who read (and stuck around to finish) my last post about the Dany Sanz Make Up For Ever seminar, I thought I’d dedicate this to those who come to Makeup By Merry (blog) to see actual makeup swatches and reviews, as well as to learn some makeup artist tips from my articles.

So here are the products I came home with after that seminar:

MakeUpForEver Pro Finish AquaBrows HDBlush HDPowderAs I mentioned in my previous post, I would’ve rather spent my money on the Pro Finish Powder Foundation- inserts (magnetized pans that go in an empty palette $29 each) than on one compact $42 each.… Click here to read more

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Make Up For Ever`

After a busy weekend of Bridal clients and a Blush Pretty gig at Pravda Vodka Bar, I’m just catching up on the blog. So in this article, I’ll share my recent experience with one of my all time favorite brands.

mufe Products seminarFebruary 27th, 2013. Make Up For Ever -   A seminar with Dany Sanz. Dany Sanz, was a trained painter and sculptor, who became a makeup artist and makeup school director. In 1984, she founded the brand which rapidly became cult among makeup artists.   She opened her first boutique in Paris, in 1999.… Click here to read more

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Beat The Heat Makeup Tips

First day of Summer and it’s a scorcher! Are you all staying cool and hydrated?

I’m loving the heat and the pretty Summer dresses you ladies are wearing. My job (the Makeup one) has me dressed in black from head to toe everyday. (Boo!) So I’m kicking it up a notch with my Summer brights in accessories and makeup whenever possible.

I’ve read plenty of tweets and blogs about heat-busting makeup tricks and tips. Mine are pretty simple:

1) Don’t skip moisturizer (or your skin could produce more oil to compensate for feeling dry).… Click here to read more

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