Hi merry. Thanks a lot. He loves the way I look. 10x better [than] my engagement photos. It was nice meeting you. I cant wait to see you again for my big day. Have a great day. All the best. xoxo

– Jonette



“.. a kind-hearted, passionate make-up artist who will really listen to you and give you the look you are looking for.”

You are very talented for sure and you actually know how to keep a woman looking naturally beautiful with enhancing them with just the right amount of make-up 🙂

Love & light,

Sara Monika (Photographer)


On 2/1/14 13:02 , Aysha Syed wrote on LinkedIn:
Dear Merry,
I’ve written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.

Details of the Recommendation: “I am absolutely delighted to recommend Merry, as I was very much pleased by her work.
[Merry] did an amazing job with both my makeup and hair, she made me a beautiful and HAPPY bride 🙂
I must say, I was instantly pleased with [Merry’s] work. I was also very impressed by [Merry’s] professionalism, precision to detail in her work, outstanding talent, positive attitude, and most of all by her bright personality and smile! Merry Carlos- Baguio is definitely an asset to any line of profession.

Aysha Syed
Service Category: Makeup and Hair
Year first hired: 2013
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity‎

Hi Merry! Thank you so much for doing my makeup on saturday.  I got so many compliments!  After sweating like a beast the whole day, someone asked me at the reception if I had retouched my makeup.  It still looked fresh!!!  You have an amazing gift.  Thanks again!


Merry is a fun, easy going and talented makeup artist…a soothing savior to any stressed out or tired looking bride. She is able to turn a bride with less than four hour of sleep into a beautiful bride that people still raves about days later. Thanks Merry for making me look beautiful!! Thanks also for making all my bridesmaids look so gorgeous! It is a testament to your skills that you can put makeup on 3 chinese, 1 african and 1 pakistani and have them all look equally gorgeous in their own way. Best of all, all our makeup looked very natural and stayed on until 2 in the morning!! That’s more than 18 hours of durability! Thank you!


Makeup Application

4-hours-after-application1Hi Merry, I just wanted to thank you again for applying my make up today.  You  are SO talented!!!  Here is how I look now – 4 hours after application!!! THIS IS GREAT!!!  I will send you any more thoughts I have but I think you hit the  colours on the nose!


As a person that never wears make up on a daily basis, I was really worried about my wedding day considering it’s a must for nice pictures and I always touch my face. But Merry was amazing! My make up stayed on the ENTIRE day without any need for touching up; most important though – I didn’t feel it on my face and she used products that were great for sensitive and acne prone skin. I had tried other make up artists before meeting Merry, and I can honestly say her skill and expertise in the industry sets her apart from all other bridal make up artists out there!

—Aimee Soon Shiong

I had never EVER! had my makeup done by anyone other than myself. I have never trusted anyone to do a better job. Not until I met Merry. Merry has perfected the art of looking “naturally beautiful”. With her intelligent and masterful use of her medium – makeup, she can make you look soft and dewy, lustrous and radiant without being overly made up. She doesn’t “mask” your and cover flaws with makeup. Instead, she plays around with your “assets”, enhances them and she brings out your inner “gorgeousness and fabulousness” with every stroke of her makeup brush. I should know. She did my bridal makeup and boy! I was definitely fabulous and gorgeous on that day, if I may say so myself. I looked it therefore I felt it. I am so happy with the results and I have a whole bunch of beautiful pictures to prove it. No one could have done a better job than Merry Carlos-Baguio. Too bad she’s no longer here in the Philippines to spread more fabulosity. You Canadians are lucky! You not only have the best makeup artist in town, you also got the best BFF.

—Jazel Romero Lugay

I met Merry at a Laura Mercier, Holt Renfrew event last year. I’d never had my makeup done at one of there events before and ignored the invitation for the event. But since I was in the mall that weekend, I stopped by and watched the makeup artists at work. I over heard a client comment on Merry’s light handed strokes and noticed how natural the makeup looked on her client and how informative Merry was. I even joined in and asked a few questions before Merry encouraged me to take a seat when she was done! From then on, I’ve looked for her every time I’ve needed makeup advice and application tips! She even helped me with my skin problems and now I’m so happy with my skincare routine, I’m more excited about applying makeup and trying new shades. Thanks Merry! All the best.

—S. Huang

Merry, thank you for the beautiful work you did for our bridal party!  People were raving about your makeup job and they are already pre-booking you!  Nicely done!

—Tony and Irina

The one thing I learned about working with Merry is that she’s very easy going and flexible to work with. I’m the type of person who wears zero makeup, and knows absolutely nothing about makeup.  So this in turn, actually makes it more difficult to work with me because seeing makeup on myself is just such a big difference.  After my first trial with Merry, I was able to envision the type of make up I wanted for my wedding day. Merry was very accommodating and persistent that she’ll work with me to make sure I was comfortable with my makeup, and that that was her #1 goal, which I appreciated greatly.  She took all details I asked for into account, and she did a fabulous job.  I would highly recommend Merry as a makeup artist, as she not only does a great job makeup wise, but she also has the personality that you’d definitely appreciate working with!

—Jill Ibanez

As a rookie in the industry,i wanted to get the best people to train me. Someone who is as passionate as i am means a lot so they’d understand what this craft means to me. And that is exactly who Ms.Merry is. Her class is very organized, detailed, and informative. She gives out notes that we could write on which helps if ever we forget something after the class. The lessons you learn is beyond application of make up. After the 3 classes ive taken, i could say that i have been equipped with more than just knowledge, but the wisdom to remain grounded no matter how far I’d go in this industry, which Ms.Merry is a great role model of. Two thumbs up to the best mentor I have.

—Ham Viloria

I’m your previous student & I’m really thankful that after my make up class together with my batch mates, I apply what I learned from you.

—Mari Yvette

My long-time dream to become a Pro Makeup Artist finally kicked off this year. I took up a few makeup classes with Ms. Merry in preparation for my attendance to a Makeup School. I’d say that it was definitely a fun learning experience! As a trainer, she was patient enough to teach aspiring MUAs like me and generously shared her expertise. I was fortunate because I had one-on-one makeup sessions with her. The best advice she ever gave me was: “Trust your skills. You’ll be fine”. No goodbyes, Ms. Merry. Till we meet again!

—Everly Magno

Learned a lot from you, from Basic to Professional Makeup. I never thought I could have this opportunity. Taking a MU course is quite expensive. Thank you for reaching out to those who can’t afford to enroll in Makeup Schools. (Thanks to your Ensogo Promo) now, I am more confident to pursue my dream as aMUArtist.

—Miann Lapitan

The Tricks n Trends/International Bride Makeup Workshop was certainly the best birthday treat! The private make up session with Ms. Merry turned out to be a “makeup bonding session” instead of the usual makeup class. I was very shy and nervous at the beginning, but Ms. Merry was very friendly and warm which made the session all the more conducive to learning. I finally loosened up a bit and found myself dancing while doing makeup, and found my rhythm at every brush stroke! She generously taught me different tips and tricks she has learned from her vast experience. Thank you Ms. Merry for sharing your knowledge and skills in makeup. I have come to appreciate and love makeup even more! Thank you for bringing the colors of beauty, elegance and happiness into our faces.

—Mil Laserna

Merry: ...What did you & K enjoy most about your mom & daughter makeover with me? Danielle L: Besides EVERYTHING, i enjoyed how you made us feel. Took the time to explain everything. I felt not ashamed of my terrible skin texture. I learned great techniques that I use to this day like filling in eyebrow, feathering gently when putting mascara and the small dabs instead of hard line for bottom eyeliner. Plus we just loved you lol! You are truly gifted <3 It was also great having that special day with my daughter getting pampered 🙂 The mom/daughter experience consisted of shopping, the mall, lunch and the makeup was the icing on the cake:)

—Danielle L

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