“The next generation of make-up”

I recently completed a course that focused on Airbrush techniques for HDTV and Fashion. My clients have been asking for Airbrush since 2006, but I’ve never been a fan:Lugging along the heavy compressor on top of my make-up kit(s), taking my air gun apart to clean it between uses (a must!) and well… I just don’t like the way it dries out my skin. However, Airbrushing is a make-up artist standard proficiency nowadays, especially with HDTV, and it does have its uses. It’s great for covering up tattoos, scars and acnaeic skin, and is so fast to apply- so it’s great for large wedding bridal entourage packages. ;)

Get Ready for your Close up!

Get Ready for your Close up!

‘Back in 1959 on the set of Ben-Hur, when the large cast of extras needed touch-ups on their Roman tans, the film’s makeup artists turned to airbrushing for the first time because it delivered a flawless makeup base fast.

These days on-set, celebrities like Lindsay Lohan and Teri Hatcher insist on having their makeup misted on. “The rise of high-definition television [HDTV] has unleashed a hysteria in Hollywood,” says BJ Gillian, a New York-based celebrity makeup artist. “Everyone over the age of 20 is panicking because HDTV magnifies every last line and defect.” But while airbrushing might keep some stars’ names off the online “10 HDTV Horribles” list, these professional-grade gadgets are expensive and a challenge to operate.

Spray like you mean it
Acting on the consumer demand for quick, effective and affordable makeup solutions, several beauty companies have recently launched spray-on foundations — at-home airbrushing in palm-size, ozone-friendly aerosol cans. Composed mainly of water, colour pigment, silicone — an emollient that keeps the product moist on the skin — and propellant, spray-ons are applied from the forehead to the chin in a quick zigzag motion, with the canister held about 10 centimetres from the face. With each mist, tiny, pigment-wrapped water bubbles land on the skin and burst, delivering a hit of moisture that dries into the finish of your choice. Depending on the product and the number of mists, you can achieve everything from the look of a tinted moisturizer to camera-ready full coverage. “Four mists of my foundation can cover a tattoo,” says Yolanda Halston, the founder of Classified Cosmetics, a company that specializes in spray-on technology.’
- from a Sympatico MSN Fashionism article.

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2 thoughts on ““The next generation of make-up”

    • Hi
      DiorSkin Airflash or Sally Hansen Airbrush Makeup are available in major malls, as spray on foundations. Otherwise, you’ll need to buy an air(brush) gun and a compressor and then a selection of foundations used specifically for airbrushing. MAC Pro stores have these items, but you may want to shop around. ;)

      Some compressors are very noisy and bulky, so keep that in mind when you’re looking at pricing. The smaller, more “silent” compressors come at a higher price.

      Airbrushing takes practice and hand eye coordination, so if you’re serious about getting into this, not just for your own/personal use, but for clients and for TV make-up, you’re better off enrolling in an Airbrush for makeup artist course first. Choose one that is taught by professional makeup artists, like the classes taught at the Yorkville School of Makeup and Esthetics, under George Brown University.

      Good Luck Sara Hanna!;)

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