Time for Change

I’ve had to do some serious thinking lately… To Freelance or not to freelance.

 (Allow me to muse for now)

Since coming to Canada 4 years ago, it’s been tough to make the connection between the intellectualized thought of “having to start over again” in my career in the Beauty Industry (and in life with my husband, and now 2 and a half year old daughter) and coming to terms with the reality of a new immigrant’s journey to landing her dream (ideal) job.

It took me a while to see how things really worked around here. Talking to family members who have had to go through this journey some 35 years ago to make a new start and a better future for their families back home in the Philippines, has been both humbling and to a certain extent, a bit frustrating. Their reasons for coming to Canada as well as the climate of things in the job front back then, were very different from the world I find myself in, now. Not wanting to leave my home and the comforts of having good friends, my irreplaceable GFs, my beloved family, a studio in a condominium overlooking the lush Greenbelt Malls just a stone’s throw from my church

Union Church of Manila Makati

Union Church of Manila, Makati

my work and my community… I came to Canada because I made my vows to my Fil-Canadian Husband, and we decided to make a new start in Toronto with his family.

I gave it 5 years…

Yet 4 years later, he is entering his final year after a huge change in career (from Singer in band 604) to Nursing, and I got the best gift of all when I became a mommy to our Noelle. It seems an extension to those “5 years” is inevitable.

Teaching has been a way for me to express my love of training and sharing knowledge, and my makeup artistry took a back (or passenger seat) as I continued to enjoy it as a freelance makeup artist in Toronto.

Becoming a mom changed my world! It was the main ambition in my life…one that topped any career ambitions I ever had. Yet when our girl turned 2, I started to get that thirst for the edge I once felt, where I was in the Beauty Industry back home. I talked and walked differently. Had so much responsibility, was often buried in work and losing my voice doing training, traveling and press events… but it was so exhilarating. So much of my self-identity fell on what I did… And being a mom in a new country (at my age!) meant…almost…reinventing, restarting, marketing my brand all over again.

So wedding after wedding, fashion shows, and photoshoots later… along with doing events at Holt Renfrew Bloor, Yorkdale Mall and Sherway Gardens, I’ve slowly but surely gained clientelle again. And this website/Blog was born.

Now, even after a Canadian Certificate for Professional Makeup Artist education at George Brown: Yorkville School of Makeup and Esthetics, I find myself at another crossroad.

To freelance or not to freelance…

I think it’s time for change. With my husband’s sacrifice of not having time for himself, yet alone time to enjoy his family life – having to hit the books before and after work for the past 3 years, I don’t want it all to go to waste on his demanding final year. Changes at his workplace have been making things tough for him and his colleagues lately… So, after spending all that time and money on my “job”… The gauntlet lands on me.

Noelle is such a big girl now, and like most if not all (new) moms- I wish I could spend most of her early years with her as she starts to form a very large personality for a kid her age! I’ve been loving the opportunities that have come my way as a freelance artist… Most especially working in TV and the Laura Mercier artistry team. But out of the blue, a dream job interview came my way. And although I didn’t get the position I was aiming for – perhaps my prayers were answered, in the position I got…

Yes, after more than 10 years, I am returning to the Retail world…Full Time. *Gulp*

Goodbye, freelance world. Farewell for now.

Hello to one of my past loves…. who will now be my #1 (outside of Church and Family!). I’m excited and a bit nervous.

Stay tuned for my formal announcement after 1 or 2 (I’ll call them) “freedom posts” Ha ha!

Coming soon….

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