Toronto Beauty Bloggers Brunch 01.02.11

Some of you may have noticed the cute “little” Toronto Beauty Bloggers badge under the widgets on the right of this post before.  Yup, there’s a network of ladies who are mad about, passionate, so into, can’t get enough of, spend too much money on, make it pretty much their job to blog about (and buy) makeup and BEAUTY.

8 months, 845 Tweets and erm..uh..77 followers ago on this little thing called Twitter, I started a new leg of my journey in the Toronto Beauty scene. Not knowing enough about the technical end of social networking, but realizing the importance of getting my “brand” out there again, I began to follow and connect with other people in the Industry.

In the beginning, I started blogging to help me get through the ups and downs of the major move from my beloved home the Philippines to Canada. Then I realized how anonymous I was in Toronto, and that having an up to date portfolio (or two) and a professional website were absolute musts.  Having trusted a graphic web designer with the job and seeing that end badly (epic fail actually), I decided to do it on my own - through WordPress! Over a year later..I am still learning- thanks so much to the lovely ladies from the TBB group- how to do it right:)

I know, I know… I still haven’t maximized my blogsite’s capacity…And there’s a list of To Do’s for me to add a category list/cloud, to tag some of my older posts, to add more media and extras Etc. And I plan to check out my followers and payback some tweethearts who gave me a Follow Friday (#FF) shout out! Maybe that’s what’s stopping me from gaining more followers and visitors. But it is 2011… Meeting Farah of Faces By Farah, who organized the New Year’s meet up, and the girls; getting into my “New Year New Rear (belly, arms and legs)” diet and fitness routine and starting another year’s Wedding Season with my first Bridal Trial coming up this weekend… ? For a busy mom, teacher and makeup artist… I’m pretty darn proud of m’self! :)

Here’s a few pics from the TBB brunch meet up at The Pickle Barrel, Yorkdale Mall:

The Pickle Barrel

Above: Snap shots of the fun Toronto Beauty Brunch meet up at The Pickle Barrel, Yorkdale Jan 2nd 2011! (It was a pleasure meeting you all and Jill, Thanks for the hair serum! Alisa- Thanks for the pseudo retail therapy and W&W goodies!) I only wish I had time to chat with everyone there and remember all the names (ugh). all: Thank you! – Farah you rock! (FacesbyFarah), Alisa (Polish Fiend), Patty (Inside the Makeup Case), Anjali (Rock that Look), Jill (Batting a Lash), Morgan (Life After Bagels), Jenn (So Very Fabulous!), Amelia (In The Pink of Things) and Lena (Listen to Lena! um..Winner: 1st prize of Best Blog and BestFamily Blog, Canadian Blog Awards 2010. Woohoo!)… I’ll add the rest as I touch base with the other lovely ladies again. Go! Check out their fantastic websites! So inspiring… :D

Check out blog posts by Patty of, ‘inside the makeup case’  event: toronto beauty blogger brunch and Morgan’s Life After Bagels blog about the meet up too ;)

Have a good week everyone. And stay beautiful!

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