Vasanti Red Carpet Event & Review

Vasanti red carpet

Photos from The Vasanti Red Carpet Event June 27th 2012

Last month, I was exchanging tweets with some Toronto Beauty Bloggers and was given heads up about a Vasanti Cosmetics Red Carpet Event by Tess (@MakeupByTess). For a couple of years now, I’ve been hearing and seeing nothing but great stuff about the brand’s products, especially their #1 seller, Triple Action Eye Treatment Cream, ‘Eye Wonder’ and their lipsticks! So, I checked the TOBB Blog, looked for Farah of @FaceByFarah ’s email, said hiya to the Vasanti team, and off Tess and I went to the event. We were both newbies to the brand and excited to get to know it and the super girl-power team behind it.

Vasanti red carpet

Chereiva takes the stage with the Vasanti Co-Founders and Trainer, Gargi (Rt side).

It was so nice to see Farah in her soon-to-be-mommy glow, and some of the TOBB ladies there. I enjoyed meeting some lovely ladies from Shoppers Drug Mart, too! (I haven’t met anyone from SDM who wasn’t nice and didn’t love the company!) But my main purpose was to learn all about the people behind the brand, which always gave me flashbacks of my pretty and oh so demure highschool friend, from Hendon School, called ..You guessed it, Vasanti.

What can I say? Coming from someone who has more than enough makeup and skincare in stock, knowledge and is pretty happy with the staple brands in her kits and on her dresser, I was instantly hooked! Great packaging (“I Love my Color!” ..”I Love my Glow!”); inspiring background story about the birth of the brand itself; pocket-friendly pricing, and best of all- products that deliver and certainly did not disappoint.

I couldn’t jot notes down fast enough as we listened to the Founders, Senior Makeup Artists and Trainer take turns speaking about the brand. (Oh, goodness, forgive me if I get your titles wrong please!) Pinki, Director of Product Development; Priti and Monal; Co-Founders and the CEO; Gargi, Head Makeup Artist/Trainer and Chereiva, Senior Makeup Artist and Admin Assistant, were all so welcoming and dedicated to their Brand, as well as to reaching out to all the Beauty Bloggers, YouTubers, Artists and Associates at the event.

I learned that the three ladies who Founded the brand had worked on the concept for three years coming up with just a few items to start with, such as their Cream Eye Shadows and Tinted Lip Balms. They had continued to work on the brand and their products when they knew that an unknown brand would need to compete with some pretty hefty Makeup and Beauty market leaders:

“Our brain was telling us one thing, but our hearts were telling us something else..”

In 2010, they closed down their three stores and decided to go into Shoppers, then Rexall and Lawton’s across Canada. They’re also available online at,, and through their own website:

From their website:

Made in Canada, and founded by three Canadian women, Vasanti recognizes that women have different needs when it comes to their makeup and have embraced an attitude of inclusivity in developing light-weight, easy-to-use products for all women. From highly pigmented shades to sheer washes of colour, from porcelain foundation to rich warm hues, our colours and formulas beautifully suit all skin types and tones. Vasanti Cosmetics aims to encourage women to celebrate and enhance their natural beauty.

“We want to connect with you more than you want to connect with us” -Priti

Vasanti red carpet

Swag bags and a raffle to win a Vasanti filled makeup kit!

The guests were all given Vasanti pink swag bags with a makeup bag inside containing samples:

- One of their now 4-year old ‘Eye Wonder’ $42  which Gargi says she even uses as a moisturizer as well as a superb eye cream that targets dark circles, drains puffiness, hydrates and combats fine lines!

Eye wonder

I need to get one of these before my sample is done!

- A full size product pick of their less than a year old contender ‘Brighten Up’ $34 -that has already caught up with the Top Seller ‘Eye Wonder’. A Triple-action formula that brightens with powerful Papaya enzymes to give radiance, exfoliates with dermatologist grade micro-crystals (that reminded me of my ROC product but was much more nourishing). Its gentle aloe vera, coconut and panthenol cleansers left my skin feeling so clean, yet soft enough that my skin felt moisturized already, even if I hadn’t yet, 30 minutes after rinsing it off!

- Another full size product pick of ‘Face Off’ $20 -one of the fastest acting non-sting and Oil-Free Makeup Remover for Eyes and Face that I’ve ever tried;

Thanks for our swag bag and goodies, Vasanti!

- A sample of their ‘Detox’ $24 – nutrient Rich Purifying Facial Cleanser, which protects the skin, fights Free Radicals and thoroughly cleanses while hydrating with omega 3, Detoxilin and Grape seed oil.

- And last, the ladies thrilled us all with gifts of the two lip products from their Summer 2012 Collection. I love love love, ‘Belarus’ lipstick (Ultra Luxe Lipsticks $15) which can be worn sheer or full out to a perfect peachy-pink red that looks different but ah-maze-ing on any type of skin tone! And, the Kara Sea Lipshine- a soft pink with flecks of gold gloss without the sticky gloopy feel.

“All your comments really make a difference to us” – Pinki

We had fun, took photos by the Vasanti Red Carpet Wall, made friends, networked, laughed, hugged, ate yummy food, drank champagne and got to play with and try out the rest of their Summer 2012 line. Their Duo Concealers are on my ‘To-Buy List’ (and those who know me, would know, what a BIG deal that is- since I’m a true Laura Mercier Flawless Face fanatic). The Vasanti ’Sun Peached Glow Brightening Mineral Powder’ with mini pink brush $25 – is my new Summer wardrobe staple, since I finally took one home with me after shopping at Shoppers. I added a duo eyeshadow $20 – to complete this rave Review.

This Vasanti makeup wardrobe was accessorized by MAC Uncommon cream blush, Parfait Amour Eyeshadow, Cover Girl mascara and Laura Mercier Black Turquoise Khol liner pencil and Black Caviar smoky liner.

Here are more photos of the products, and the look I tried on, after the Cavalli A/W 2012 inspiration that caught my eye, in my latest In Trend magazine:

Enjoying my Vasanti makeup and Skin Care swag for a look that inspired from Roberto Cavalli’s A/W12 runway look, using Eyeshadow Duo in Statue of Liberty, Sun Peached Glow Brightening Mineral Powder, Belarus lippy and Lipshine. Applied easily, blended well and came off just as easily with Vasanti ’Face Off’ cleanser. Loving my new Vasanti Makeup Wardrobe so far! :)

All Vasanti  makeup and skincare products are proudly made in Canada.

Vasanti Cosmetics does not test on animals.

416-465-0017 1-877-506-4747

Go visit your nearest Vasanti Cosmetics counter or order online, today!

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