Wedding Season – Summer updates

Is it really already the end of July? Can we have a couple more months (or 10) of summer, please?

Summer started with a big bang for us as we moved into our new house! (Twitter @MakeupbyMerry and IG @MsMerryB followers have been able to see the renovations and makeovers as they’ve happened). So, the big move is over and I wish I could say all the unpacking is done, but there are still a couple of boxes sitting around. Add to that a terrific run during 2014′s Summer wedding season thanks to my sisters at @BlushPretty (Woohoo! Top 10 in Toronto! – Go BlushPretty Team!). I am so blessed to be able to focus on my other passion because of them – I love education, and I get to work my workshops and Learning Style business AND meet so many awesome brides and their wedding parties!

I love my job.

Here’s some snapshots off my phone of what I’ve been up to (hair, makeup, trials, workshops) these last few months… Eeks! Sorry about the poor quality images. I haven’t uploaded the files from my camera yet.

JC and Lauren's BMs                              (Above: hair by Laura Tortal, makeup by me for BlushPretty)MakeupByMerry Makeup Essentials Workshop Aileen's Wedding Mary's Bridal Trial Makeup Bridal Hair Trials Bridal Makeup Trials Glea and Edwards wedding Bridesmaids makeup for Aisha Bridesmaids hair and makeup Aisha Loose Curls half up Charissa's gig Charissa bridesmaids hairstyling Natasha's eshoot hair and makeup Prom and graduation hair and makeup IMG_20140523_192829 IMG_20140525_154957_edit_edit IMG_20140607_104122_edit_edit IMG_20140608_120501 IMG_20140614_134500_edit_edit IMG_20140614_134534_edit_edit IMG_20140614_134547_edit IMG_20140614_134551_edit_edit IMG_20140614_134616_edit IMG_20140614_134637_edit_edit IMG_20140622_133110_edit1 IMG_20140622_180452_edit_edit IMG_20140628_100417_edit_edit IMG_20140629_115626_edit IMG_20140629_125554_edit_edit IMG_20140704_141301_edit1 IMG_20140709_173403_edit IMG_20140719_130350_edit1 IMG_20140719_130357_edit IMG_20140719_131111_edit IMG_20140719_131235_edit IMG_20140719_131241_edit IMG_20140622_180531_edit_edit


I’m so excited to hear back from these lovely brides and bridesmaids, and to see some gorgeous pics as they come ;) Congratulations brides and grooms, and brides Maria and Hedrey! Big hugs and flying kisses.

It’s been a while since I posted, but it’s just been too hectic to do so lately as it’s also summer break for my little one. If you have any requests for How-To’s, Makeup Tips, bookings, inquiries etc, please don’t hesitate to contact me at, text or call me at 416 648 5956 or follow me on social media (on the right panel).

Let’s keep in touch!


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