Weddings, debuts and proms

I grew up in the UK and didn’t have my own debutante ball or go to a prom. I had a house party when I turned 18 (I think) while my parents went out on a date to avoid the noise…Wait that was my 16th. So many years ago! Proms were always so “American teen-like” to me. So “Beverly Hills 90210″ (the original show)…So..’Pretty in Pink’ :)

At my old high school and sixth form college, we had a ‘Dance’ with a DJ once a year, and got to show up in our “clubbing” clothes, have some soft drinks, crisps (chips) and awkwardly hung out with the chaperoning teachers. Then again, I am almost hitting the big “four-oh!” so that puts it all in perspective.

Many of my MUA peers shun prom requests, but they’re just as personal and fun as doing weddings are to me. These days, parents paying for their daughter’s…EVERYTHING…for their proms tell me it IS like a wedding. There’s a pre-event/prom rehearsal dinner or ..something…And the usual expenses: the corsage, a limo, the perfect dress/gown etc, a mani/pedi, and where I come in- the hair and makeup services. Here’s a glimpse of the sweet 18 year old girl getting ready for her debut….


I’m thinking I’d better sit my little girl down and prepare her with some Real Talk. A.K.A the “Mama and daddy are here, but money doesn’t grow on trees” talk.

It took a while to do a messy updo bun on her lovely thick, looong hair, but her makeup was simple and pretty using my go-to Inglot palette, laura mercier tinted moisturizer/cinema secrets (to conceal), Make Up For Ever Aqua Brow, and NARS multiples in Copacabana and South Beach. I added some va va voom later with some false lashes, mascara, and more color on her cheeks.

Makeup By Merry_Beauty_Makeup_kit
Now and again. I get a referral or request to do hair and makeup for an 18th birthday girl who’s having her debut celebration. Mostly from Filipino clients. This young lady came to me with her mom as a referral from one of my past bridal clients. The second from her church. Thanks Glea and Elizabeth!

Word of mouth is the best marketing tool there is in our industry… And I enjoyed being a part of each of their special days. All the best, Patricia!

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