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Welcome to my beauty blog/website. I’m Merry, (yup- that’s my real name. No- it’s not short for anything and nope, my second name is not “Christmas”). I’m a make-up artist and trainer and have been for more than ten years now.

I started in retail, trained to be behind the desk doing Marketing for the cosmetic brands that I’ve been using. I transitioned to in-house make-up artist and trainer, found my passion and niche in the Industry and I’ve been freelancing since then.

As much as I’d like to get to know my clients and their personalities and lifestyles (2 essential factors in creating a new personalized make-up and hair look or “wardrobe” for them!) I often find myself answering interview-like questions from them as I work away, followed by a list of FAQ’s on beauty tips and make-up! Since my training was on working away as I “demo” or explain at the same time, this comes easy to me. And I don’t mind sharing my tips at all. In fact, it’s part of the fun! (And you get your money’s worth from every consultation with me).

Part of choosing a great make-up artist (especially for such an important occasion like your Wedding Day!) is to see how relaxed or at ease you are with them. Imagine having a super fab Make-up Artist ( MUA) apply your make-up but feeling like you simply can’t stand to be around him/her a single minute longer! Or (perhaps, worse) having a wonderfully nice and friendly MUA who can’t apply make-up or do hair any better than you could! The problem is, where do you start looking?

In my experience, nothing beats good old word-of-mouth. Especially if the person referring an artist to you is someone you truly trust. Then when you get a name and a number… You still don’t quite know what to expect, right?

Well, luckily for you, we are now at a widely Internet savvy era. If you do your homework and check out websites, blogs and portfolios before committing to anyone, you can more or less tell who you’d rather go with…at least with whom to book a Trial with!

While booking a trial or during your consultation, ask questions. Try to feel-out how much you gel with your MUA / Stylist as well as how much knowledge they have in helping you create that perfect you, for your special occasion. (By “perfect”, I mean you’d still look like YOU when you’re done. Only more flawless and perhaps a more sexy/pretty/polished/fresh/gorgeous version of you). Discuss your wedding day theme (if any), your itinerary and venues (Church and Hotel or Garden Wedding etc.) Factors such as time lines, the need for a change in “look” or a re-touch like with a traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony before/after a traditional church wedding) and most especially the various lighting you’d be seen in during the longest period of time of your Big Day. Make-up artists often know what they’re doing in terms of choosing shades and application of make-up, but many lack the experience of adjusting and applying make-up to suit various types of lighting (natural/day light versus studio lighting, or a dim/fluorescent lighting of a banquet hall).

I’ve got plenty of other tips and tricks-of-the-trade to share with you, and I’ve almost certainly decided to “break-up” with my on-again-off-again relationship with my current website–(way too fickle and needy! And won’t accept changes hfffff). So, I’ve decided to start a new Beauty Blog! Here you can browse through my work, read about new and exciting news about make-up (and hair), and ask me all your burning questions. All my clients (past and present ask me skin and make-up questions all the time, so I thought this would be handy for them, you and me too!)

So, thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoy my Blog.

Hmmm… wondering who I am? What I’m like? Where I’m from? etc. (I’d wanna know!) Click on my Profile page to read more. Meanwhile, I put together a collage of my pictures for you: me – and what matters most to me, my family and God.

Merry a Make up Artist

Make-up Artist -Hair Stylist -Trainer – Mom – Wife -Sister & Daughter:)

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4 thoughts on “Welcome to my Beauty Blog!

  1. Hey Merry,

    Great going! Congratulations! My burning question to you is….when are you going to make Noelle an “ate”…just kiddin.. Actually, my sister, Margie, if you remember her, has been asking me for such a long time to get tips from you..I think she was inspired by your work with Louie, my other sister, so now she wants to become another Merry..an excellent make-up artist… she also liked the products that you used… on top of the tips, she wants to know where can she take up courses to jump start her “new” career… so please… i want to rest from her persistent questions… give me your answers…. :)

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    • HARRY! My ever so successful sweet corporate high flyer why-the-heck-are-you-still-single(?) friend. How are you? :D
      First, where is Margie and where does she want to go to school for make-up artistry? There are so many schools out there, it’s important to check them out first before she enrols in their courses, since they don’t come cheap! Look for schools that offer more practical application time (a.k.a. “studio time”) than theory, and whose instructors are still active in the Industry. That would mean that they are not only knowledgeable, but also “current” in their application skills and know-how. They may even help students to network and get them involved in some exciting projects to practice their new skills. Most Make-up schools include the cost of a professional set of brushes and products.

      In the Philippines: Try Frank Provost (Jupiter, Makati), La Salle School of Fashion and Design (also in Makati) and the buzz lately has been all about the Australian College of Hair Design and Beauty (4th Level, Podium). Here’s their URL : http://www.achdb.com.ph . “The Australian College comes with international accreditation that will let you pursue your passion anywhere you want – be it in Australia, London, Paris or in any of the big cities in the world”.

      For now, Margie can start researching makeup links, watch professional YouTube features by known Cosmetic brands, read magazine beauty issues and enjoy fantastic books by my idols Bobbi Brown, Sonia Kashuk and the late Kevyn Aucoin- one of the best paid celebrity make-up artists in history, who inspired me to be a make-up artist without going to school for it!

      On Louie, (Bridal Make-up) I used Laura Mercier’s Foundation Primer, Liquid Foundation and Secret concealer. I also used Eye Basic (in Wheat), Powder Eye Shadows (I think…in Rose, Morning Dew and American Mocha)…and I think…Bare Lips Lipstick- all from Laura Mercier (Rustans);The Body Shop Bronzing Powder just to “warm” up her complexion and Powder Blush to bring out her cheeks. The misty rain gave her the dewy finish HAHA.
      There. Give your sis the link to my Blog and show her this! Rest now my friend. :p

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