Were you Naughty or Nice?

I’d like to say I was NICE.
But truth is -Haha- I was a bit of both. So after all the parties, family gatherings, all the shopping, gift wrapping, gift giving, eating and the rush of the yuletide season… I cherished the quiet moments, of seeing the joy of it all through my daughter’s eyes and reflecting on the true meaning of CHRISTmas.

I will be sad to take down the decorations and our tree, which I was staring at when I saw a bag I had hidden under it as a little “surprise” treat to myself! My husband and I had decided to give each other practical gifts for our Birthdays, Anniversary and Christmas (all falling in Nov and Dec). So I was actually a bit excited and glad to open my gift to myself after everything had settled.

Wanna see what I got?

A Sephora Bag

My little treat for myself :)


Sephora Mini Travel Face and Eyes brush kit

So cute! $20 and I have brushes small enough to fit in my mini makeup kit in my purse!


Sephora Holiday Mini Brush kit

I’ve tried them all out and aside from the face brush which i find too narrow for a blush brush and use as a Translucent powder retoucher, love the eyeliner, eyeshadow, concealer and lip brushes. :)


Laura Mercier Eye Pencils Set Holiday 2010

Laura Mercier Eye Pencils set. At $40 it was a steal since they usually go for $25 each and now I have almost all my fave ones!


Laura Mercier Eye Pencils

LOVE these colours..Great for smoky eyes, a quick soft look, or as base “shadows”…They apply and blend really well! Been a fan of Black Violet for my brides for years.


Ooh, I also got the NARS Orgasm Blush and gloss and bronzer set for my secret santa gift! ;)

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