What you need to be a makeup artist…

post imgAre you an aspiring Makeup Artist? Perhaps you’ve always loved makeup and are pretty good at applying it on yourself, and on friends and family. Is makeup artistry your (secret) dream job?

If your answers were ‘yes’ to these questions, you may be thinking about taking up a formal course and investing in makeup kit must-haves. Why not spend a couple of hours with me and ask all the questions you have, while learning some of the valuable skills a makeup artist should posses? With over 15 years of experience, and my love of training others… my April 2013 Makeup Lessons promo – just $80.00 each, per 2-hour class, is an obvious choice. Join many of my previous students who made the same choice, before realizing their dreams to become a makeup artist.

MakeupBYMerry Makeup Lessons Toronto
“My long-time dream to become a Pro Makeup Artist finally kicked off this year. I took up a few makeup classes with Ms. Merry in preparation for my attendance to a Makeup School. I’d say that it was definitely a fun learning experience! As a trainer, she was patient enough to teach aspiring MUAs like me and generously shared her expertise. I was fortunate because I had one-on-one makeup sessions with her. The best advice she ever gave me was: “Trust your skills. You’ll be fine”.…” -Everly

“The Tricks n Trends/International Bride Makeup Workshop was certainly the best birthday treat! The private make up session with Ms. Merry turned out to be a “makeup bonding session” instead of the usual makeup class. I was very shy and nervous at the beginning, but Ms. Merry was very friendly and warm which made the session all the more conducive to learning. I finally loosened up a bit and found myself dancing while doing makeup, and found my rhythm at every brush stroke! She generously taught me different tips and tricks she has learned from her vast experience.… ” – Mil

“Learned a lot from you, from Basic to Professional Makeup. I never thought I could have this opportunity. Taking a MU course is quite expensive. Thank you for reaching out to those who can’t afford to enroll in Makeup Schools. (Thanks to your Ensogo, Living Social Promo) now, I am more confident to pursue my dream as a MUArtist.…” —Miann

“As a rookie in the industry,i wanted to get the best people to train me. Someone who is as passionate as i am means a lot so they’d understand what this craft means to me. And that is exactly who Ms.Merry is. Her class is very organized, detailed, and informative. She gives out notes that we could write on which helps if ever we forget something after the class. The lessons you learn is beyond application of make up. After the 3 classes I’ve taken, i could say that i have been equipped with more than just knowledge, but the wisdom to remain grounded no matter how far I’d go in this industry, which Ms.Merry is a great role model of.… “— Abraham “Ham” (Now, a M.A.C. Makeup Artist)

Call 416 648 5956 or email me at info@makeupbymerry.com to inquire and let’s take it from there.

Meanwhile, here’s an example of a new makeup artist’s starter set from my Makeup and Beauty eStore:



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