Work, work, work …. I Love my Job!

It’s been a very busy few months, since the coming of Christmas and the New Year!

One family gathering after another, work (my other job -teaching!) giving in, (or way) to my makeup artistry calling, and before I could even finish replenishing my kit, it’s already the second month of the year!

Recovering from a sudden bite from a flu bug, my daughter and I are well on the road to recovery again (yipee!) and soon, I’ll be back in the studio or hopefully, on location, shooting again. So far this year, I’ve already done 3 shoots and met some of my Summer Bridal clients for their trial consultations.

With some more creative shoots scheduled in the near future, and weddings coming in steadily, this year is looking promising already. And in less than a couple of months, I will be graduating from George Brown School of Makeup & Esthetics! :)

I must admit, I was sceptical at first. The tuition fees are very expensive, plus the cost of materials etc. Thank goodness, my experiences and resume were taken into account and I was given some exemptions. It’s been a lot of fun. Quite an experience being a student again. Especially in a subject I’ve been used to teaching!

Just goes to show:
1) Practice really does make perfect.
2) There’s plenty of things to keep learning (or re-learning) in this evolving Industry.
3) Networking is an excellent tool for Freelancers in a new market like me.
4) um… I prefer teaching to learning, but both are fun if one keeps an open mind!
5) Being a student again has helped me be a better teacher (I hope! ha ha).

Meanwhile, this journey has caused me to think hard about where I stand in this field. I was pretty near the top of my career in the Philippines. And coming here had meant almost starting from scratch. In my time, almost nobody asked for a portfolio or a website to see your work. One had to pay one’s dues to make it into the pages of the glossies and on regular or Prime Time TV segments… And after years in retail and Marketing, hours behind the desk and on field….I kinda felt as though I had paid those dues already. But it’s a different time, a different world…And with my family life in gear, my daughter, now turning 26 months old, and my husband just short of 2 years away from finishing his course…and then time for baby #2?? This is the right time to work on my portfolio again and come to terms with my limitations set by my primary role, as mommy.

In the next few weeks, I will be working with very talented photographers, models and stylists to build on my existing portfolio as well as working the circuit to keep in the loop in the makeup for TV and Ad Industry.

The names and agencies I have researched or had been given when I arrived in Toronto, (almost 4 years ago!) are coming back to haunt me. People and places I had noted and simply got too preoccupied to visit after life took a turn (for the better) and I became a working mom.

All part of the journey. I have no regrets there (‘though it had taken some moments of “reality checks” now and then, when I had to remind myself that, no–i couldn’t just pack my kit and leave for a gig in L.A. yet alone a 2-day shoot out of town for a music video!). Haha..

I fell in love with makeup many, many, manyyyyy years ago. And it wasn’t for the fame and glitz of the trade (What’s so glam about getting scoliosis from hours of dragging, lugging, standing and waiting around here there and everywhere with my heavy kits on location shoots and losing my voice doing speaking gigs from one end of the country to another- in a week, ANYWAY?!)…

I fell in love with makeup art, coz i have always loved art in the self expressive form. And to see the awesome smile on someone’s face you’ve just worked on when they realize exactly how beautiful they actually are…? That’s the magic in this biz for me. And I’m going to get it back.

Here’s just a sample of the work I’ve been doing. A behind the scenes shot with Photographer, Donald and Model Jenna…And one of her photos with her requested…White Feather Boa! She’s an awesome model and a wonderful person. Thanks for this photo Jenna! xoxoModel Jenna and makeup by Merry

Jenna and MerryModel Jenna Fawcett and Photographer Donald LawrenceModel Jenna Fawcett and Photographer Donald Lawrence

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