I’m Bringing It!

Bringing my Makeup Workshops back, that is! I haven’t done a workshop since I finished holding regular classes at Belle and Cat (Studio) in Manila. Now that I’ve said goodbye to my “regular” teaching gig downtown, I can’t wait to meet more beauty friends and start training new makeup buffs again! I love what I do, and sharing tricks and tips about beauty and makeup, is part of what I enjoy most about it.

Here’s some photos of some workshops that I taught in the past:


I set the first one for tomorrow. Bad timing. (Hello- Thanksgiving long weekend? D’Oh!) ** NEW DATE** Tuesday Oct 23rd, 6-8pm. Where: 111 Jarvis St, Toronto Thanks to a great site and team called, Uniiverse – I found a venue downtown and a platform to share my skills- and earn from what I love doing, too!

Merry's Work

Go see my ‘Listing’ details for Makeup Essentials Workshop and book it here

I usually charge $100/head for makeup lessons, but I’m relaunching with a special price of just $35 each. You’d pay more to get your makeup done just to wash it all off before you sleep! (I hope you do!). So why not pay less, and take home some of my tried and tested makeup tricks-of-the-trade and become your own makeup artist?

It’s a great class for anyone who loves makeup but isn’t very sure about how to apply and/or wear it. Or for aspiring makeup artists who are still deciding whether or not it really is worth investing Tuition Fees for… It’s a great girly bonding time if you and friends want to book a “closed group” session. It only takes 4 people to a max. group of 10, for a workshop to happen! :)

Other dates and Workshops to follow will be announced later. Choose from:

  • Basic-Intermediate classes like ‘Makeup Essentials
  • Tricks’n'Trends – which focuses on sculpting techniques, a trick or two, and current trends.
  • Fashion and Editorial - an advanced class for makeup junkies looking at creative and period inspired looks.
  • The Art of Airbrush – focusing on flawless Airbase, Aircheeks (blush, highlight and contour) and Airlips. Eyes are typically done using traditional makeup, but I can demo Airbrush Eyes. This is a demo-style class, unless attendees bring their own Airbrush equipment.

Space is limited, so go to the link (above) and book today. Oct 23rd, 2012.

See you there!

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2 thoughts on “I’m Bringing It!

    • Hi Ms Sandra Douglas-’luminess air’,
      You commented on a post I just made yesterday. Updates are posted on this blog, on my twitter account and on facebook -all under MakeupbyMerry. My next workshop is for Makeup Essentials on Oct 23rd, 2012 in Toronto. Where are you based?

      If you’re interested, I also do one-on-one classes, as well as group classes. You and your friends could set your own Art of Airbrush workshop with me at a convenient date and time. However, you seem to be an expert in the Industry already!:) I can come to you if you’re accessible (near the subway line) or we can set a venue, like the one where my next workshop will be, downtown on Jarvis St. Near King Subway station. $100.00 each for a 3hour Art of Airbrush class. Discounts start at $50 each, given for groups of 4 people upwards. Includes handouts. Participants must have their own Airbrush equipment. :) May I ask for your email address if you’re still interested, please?
      Thank you,

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