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From Decades, Geishas, Egyptian. Goth and Drag…to Runway, Character, Blood, Breakdown/Aging, TV and Film makeup…Here’s some of my work (or work done) in class.

It took me 3 of the 4 years of living in Canada, to accept and realize the real value in going back to a Continuing Education program. I was happy teaching part-time and freelancing as a makeup and hair artist, and I couldn’t believe the work experience and skills I had to offer wouldn’t be enough to find employment in my Industry if I worked hard enough to search for it. If you read back to my earlier pages (and even some of my more recent ones) it’s very easy to read between the lines to sense my frustrations and sadness of being in such a different place here than I/we were in our careers in the Philippines, where my husband and I met.

While on one hand, I knew very well that there would be a very good chance that I’d need to “start over” again with my career here, intellectualizing this fact was very far from internalizing it and going through the actual motions. Having come from London England to the Philippines, my education and experience had come in highly regarded and sought after (so much so, that at times – I had brought myself to tears over the pressure I felt to “come up with the goods” whenever I was put up for some form of promotion!) Silly, I know…’though it took blood sweat, tears and a fantastic team and PR (“Sexy Mama Mia!” I miss you! And..no, your 35% cut doesn’t stand anymore lol.)

Faith should have reassured me that I would never have been put in a place I could not handle and…here’s me getting another humble pie “A-hah! moment” as I type.. I am to rest in peace that God has put me exactly where He intends me to be right now.

So, to cut this short. I decided to take time off work to get myself some Canadian Certification and to learn some areas of my Industry that were totally new to me. I was interviewed by Karen Mclachlan, the school’s manager and former Cityline and BT makeup artist. She showed me around the Yorkville campus and facilities and immediately made me feel reassured that she was interested in what I truly needed on top of the experience I already had. Her advise was for me to start with their 2-week Airbrushing course, and Hairstyling for Makeup Artists Course so that I could start using my new skills as last year’s Wedding season drew nearer. And then, I could start Pro II -Fashion/Editorial and Pro III -TV/Film Makeup, when I was ready, and when I would be able to fit the available scheds into my busy work and new mommy-scheds.  She gave me an exemption for the pre requisites and Pro-I course, and said I didn’t need to purchase the school’s makeup kit (thank goodness!) and explained that unfortunately, Pro II may contain some or a lot of the things that I had already covered in my career (after seeing my portfolio-full of editorial work) but that if there were things in the program I wanted to learn (I was very interested in doing some character and Period work like makeup through the decades and more Fashion work in Toronto) I would not be able to pick and choose just those classes. It was a shame but understandable.

A year later, I had completed all the required courses to apply for an Advanced Pro Makeup Artist Certificate, I’ve met some great friends who were classmates at Yorkville, and I learned some new tricks-of-the-trade and skills, honed my craft, gathered more Canadian Experience in fashion shows and TV work, aaaaannnnd enjoyed the unexpected reward of a break from my work-home-work-home working mommy routine! sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 🙂


If you’re interested in going to a makeup school and want to know more about my experience at George Brown’s Yorkville School of Makeup & Esthetics, give me a shout. Let’s talk;)  If you approach it with the right attitude and a humble and open mind ready to learn, you’ll have the time of your life and come out of it a better person…At least in the skills that you acquired.

Thanks to my teachers: Koula (your Hairstyling class is the best! I miss you!), Julie (hug Lola for me!), Susan (Praying for your mom), Douglas (you are quite the communicator Mr.-what’s your last name, again? Haha), Rachel and Karen- who stood in for our teacher on some days, and last but by no means least, my Pro III Teacher, Geralyn Wraith (What an absolute pleasure. I miss you!): the TV makeup tips and rules you gave us have really helped me make a mark at Rogers TV. Got my quadruple A+’s !!! Thanks too to the school admin staff and team: Tanya, Alex, Lynne and of course, Shirlene :-* (Sorry if I missed anybody!) THANKS too, to my family who supported me through class times and to mum and dad for helping me out with my fees. Love you guys!

Guess what? George Brown claims to be the best college to help get you the job 6 months after graduation or something (as seen in their bus stop and subway ads). The only thing I updated on my resume was my Education section, where I listed George Brown and Yorkville School and the same employers and companies I had previously applied for started calling! (Sure there was a short venting moment where my pride griped at how ridiculous this was).. But to focus on the positive:   YAY!!!

Here’s some more photos of the stuff we got up to in class/out of class:

School Stuff

CBC Fieldtrip! Behind the scenes tour with Geralyn – Best part was seeing her station and in action with the news anchors and weather specialist.

changing ethnicity with AC

HA HA HA Is this our Before or After? (Don’t Kill me AC) Changing Ethnicity was one of the classes that had me killing myself with laughter!

YS tattoos and tears

My gorgeous Pro II and III classmates (if you were absent, sorry!) Thanks for keeping in touch Stephanie, Anna, Alana and Cordelia -Miss you all xoxo


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